Wowo Collagen Peptide Massager Eye Cream (20ml)

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Battery operated (Battery included)

A multi-action eye cream with the cool vibrating massager applicator to brighten that tighten and firm your skin. With the special designated massaging applicator, you can massage the area around your eye as you apply the eye cream to penetrate it deep into your skin. The pressure of the applicator helps to break up any built-up under eye fluid that causes puffiness. It is formulated with powerful peptides to smooth your eye contour while helps minimize the appearance of crow’s-feet, diminish wrinkles, reduce the appearance of both puffiness and dark under eye circles to brighten the eye area for a younger, more radiant look. From boosting collagen production to hydrating the skin and preventing harm from free radicals and irritation.


1) chamomile - helps to calm the nerves after long day of straining, anti aging, moisturizing and 改散敏感

2) coleus forskohlii - help to clear blur vision (when massaging)

3) chlorella- help in activating and repairing of cells, antioxidant, promote tissue cell growth

4) Squalane - diminish chloasma,lighten dark eye ring, reduce water retention, increase metabolism


Directions to use:

Squeeze out eye cream,turn on the vibration and massage eye area for 3 minutes on each eye