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✔ Removes blackheads

✔ Cleans pores

✔ Smoothes skin

The blackhead softening liquid rich in natural organic acid components can quickly penetrate into the skin, so that the funnel of the hair follicle can be circulated smoothly, soften the blackhead and smoothly discharge it, and effectively solve the problem of blockage of the hair follicle caused by keratin accumulation.

The cause of blackheads:

The surface layer of sebum that clogs pores is directly exposed to the outside, in contact with dust in the air and air, and the skin oil is oxidized to form blackheads. The blackhead is related to the pores. The pores increase the oil and increase the air to oxidize to form blackheads.

How to use:

Step 1: Blackhead softening fluid

(Optional) Apply a hot towel for 5 minutes to open the pores.

Then, use a blackhead softening liquid to apply a cotton pad (preferably silk or non-woven cotton, do not use thick) to the nose thoroughly, remove it after 3-5 minutes, and gently rub the nose to help open the pores. . Occasionally, a slight tingling sensation is normal, and the extract contains fruit acid to help open the pores and force the blackheads out.

Step 2: White mud extraction film

Apply the white mud to the nose. Make sure to apply thick to avoid voids. After it is completely dry, remove it and rinse the nose with water to wash away the remaining blackheads. Be sure to wait until it is completely dry, then peel it off from the bottom up, and clean the nose and do the third part, you can't leave it.

Step 3: Pore shrinking essence (IMPORTANT)

Apply the pores to the nose with a pore-repairing essence. Remove it after 10 minutes. While gently rubbing the cotton pad to help shrink the pores.

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