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Short and sparse on eyelashes and eyebrows?

Cavilla Eyelashes Serum is your savior. Ingredients imported from USA

Cavilla eyelash serum contains 4 main ingredients that will help with eyelash growth. Every bottle comes with an application brush, making it convenient for daily use. 

  • No more sparse and short eyelashes
  • Helps to grow thick eyelashes
  • Strengthen eyelashes
  • Provide the nutrients needed for eyelashes growth
  • Can be used as mascara primer

How long does it take to see results?

Cavilla lash Essence is a natural product without hormones. The essence will help to activate the hair follicle through small molecules to grow again. The growth of your eyelash would depend on individual but best would be to complete the full treatment which is 3 lash serum. 

Can I use on my eyebrows?

Yes, it is effective on eyebrows too. 

Are results permanent? 

Yes it is permanent however do take note that our lashes go through various cycles and it will fall in time. Thus re application on newly grown lashes would be recommended.


How to use:


1 Full treatment= 3 lash serum 

It is recommended that you complete 1 full treatment for best results. 

*Not suitable for pregnant ladies* 


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