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Hospital Grade Thermometer | Pocket Size For Easy Storing and Bringing Out With you! Hygienic and easy to use!

VisioFocus® is the non-contact thermometer recommended by doctors and paediatricians.

Visiofocus® – the Thermofocus® evolution, the world’s first non-contact thermometerprotected by several international patents - is the only thermometer in the world that projects the temperature reading on the forehead or on the objects’ surface.

  • Silent
  • Suitable for baby/adult use
  • Visiofocus® is an astonishing thermometer meant to allow moms and dads to take the temperature of their baby with comfort, safety, hygiene,but also rapidity and precision,without waking him up when he is sleeping.
  • Measures and projects the temperature of objects, food, liquids (1 to 80°C / 33.8 to 176°F) and the skin, as well as the ambient temperature
  • 5 colors illuminated display
  • 9 memories
  • Product of Italy

What are VisioFocus' advantages if compared to other thermometers?
VisioFocus is the only thermometer in the world that projects the temperature reading on the forehead, without ever coming into contact with the skin. The projection system indicates the correct reading distance, that is essential to obtain accurate measurements. As Thermofocus, VisioFocus is an extremely advanced thermometer. It is truly easy to use, not invasive, reliable, safe, very fast and hygienic. Moreover, there are no breaking risks, as in the case of mercury thermometers. Finally, unlike other thermometers, VisioFocus never coming into contact with the skin, so there is no need to disinfect it or to use hygienic protection. These features reduce in fact the risk of contaminations.


How does VisioFocus work?
As Thermofocus, VisioFocus detects the infrared radiation naturally emitted by the body and, in particular, from the human forehead.. In just a few hundredths of a second your VisioFocus takes a series of 125 readings, Its sophisticated microprocessor then amplifies and processes this information along with the room temperature, detected from a thermocouple probe incorporated within the sensor. The data are compared with the parameters contained in the memory, and the results of these processing is the temperature showed on the display.

What is the correct reading distance?
The thermometer itself will tell you the correct reading distance, by means of its patented optical aiming system: if the thermometer is too close, or too far away from the skin, the temperature will not call between the two arches. When you see the temperature at the midpoint between the two arches, the thermometer is at the right distance for a correct reading.

What happens if the red lights are unintentionally directed towards the eyes?

The lights are harmless. THEY ARE NOT LASER BEAMS!

After the first measurement, how long do I have to wait before I can take another one?
With VisioFocus, you can immediately take another reading.

Why is the forehead the ideal site for taking a temperature reading?
The forehead is crossed by the temporal artery and is the only part of the body in direct contact with the brain and that is not covered by hair. Furthermore, the head is the first part of the body to change temperature as a fever, rises and falls. This characteristic is very useful, as it can give predictive information of how the fever is changing. This is why, sometimes, it is possible to find the fever on the forehead and not in other parts of the body or viceversa. This simply means that the fever is rising or falling.

Sometime the temperature reading is too low. Why?
- the lens may be soiled: the presence of dust or dirt filters the passage of the infrared emissions; as s consequence, VisioFocus will take a lower reading than the real body temperture. It is necessary to clean the waveguide gently, using a cotton swab that has been slightly dampened with alcohol. Don’t use the thermometer for at least 30 minutes after cleaning. - The forehead can show signs of sweat or an oxygen mask is present or the subject is elderly. This can result in a low reading In all the above cases, you can take the temperature reading, again from a distance, on the - eyelid or the neck.
- Oils or make-up con be present. this can result in a low reading . yYou can take the temperature reading, again from a distance, on the eyelid or on the neck.

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