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What is Serendi Beauty Signature Essence Care Lip Balm?

Did you know that the skin on your lips is far more delicate than the rest of the skin on your face? That said, it is STILL skin, and Serendi Beauty Signature Essence Care Lip Balm was made to specifically care for it. It is a stick with a brilliant mix of ingredients designed to highlight the beauty of your lips while also caring for the skin underneath!

In the three amazing variants of Light Pink, Orange Red and Cherry, you get a balm that lets your lips shine with natural color. Whether you’re in for a big day with lots of heavy makeup or a more laid back experience with little to no makeup, this balm fits right in regardless.


How do you use Serendi Beauty Signature Essence Care Lip Balm?

Just pop open the tube and apply it anytime your lips start to feel a little dry. You can also blend it with lipstick or lip tint to keep your brilliant colors on for much longer!

Enjoy the soft sheen and supple feel of your lips every time you apply Serendi Beauty Signature Essence Care Lip Balm


  • A velvety formula, flushed with natural blessings such as Rosehip Oil and Cacao Butter to feed up long lasting hydration.
  • Carrying a soul enticing fragrance for all day moisture and energy, natural Menthol in it seals the deal.
  • Intense moisture from Jojoba Seed and Argan Oil kicks off chapped lips.
  • Vitamin E offers UV protection to lips.
  • Flaunting beautiful vivid hues, it suits well for every look.
  • Designed in a sleek packaging, it is more than handy to travel with.


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