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We provide 1 year warranty for manufacturing defect(s).
Please kindly click here to register your warranty. Only 1 time exchange. Enter shop name - JENITH

Kindly note to keep the box as it has our authentication sticker in order to be eligible for an exchange.

We are one of the exclusive distributors in Singapore providing a free 1 year warranty for NOTIME face ioniser device at the moment. More than 2.3 million pieces sold.

FUNCTIONS: These modes are commonly found in aesthetic clinics. 

Warm cleanse - Emits mild heat to open pores that aids in deep cleansing resulting in blemish free skin with clean and refined pores. Removes residue that you will not be able to do so manually. Apply toner/ essence/ make up remover on cotton pad and go over face.

Transmission - Drives skin care product deep into your skin promoting cells elasticity. Red light promotes collagen stimulation resulting in firmer skin and prevention of wrinkles. Apply toner/ essence on cotton pad and go over face.

Iontophoresis - Helps move substances across the skin or other body surfaces. Promotes blood circulation, enhance skin elasticity, firm skin, optimising your skin to its best condition. Must be used with a sheet mask. Go over your sheet mask until fully absorbed!

Eye care - Promotes absorption of eye cream/ serum resulting in brighter skin and wrinkle prevention around the eye area. Apply your eye cream and go over it with the device.


    Deep cleanse into our pores to remove make up or dirt that is not removable by hand.
    Increase absorption, enhance penetration and cell regeneration.
    Improves skin elasticity.
    Minimises eye bags and encourages blood circulation which will aid in lightening dark eye circles.

*Not advisable to use if you're pregnant 

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