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Introducing the brand new upgraded firming facial mask. Honey-based instant lifting and tightening mask that reduces appearance of fine lines while replenishing facial collagen, boosting skin elasticity and shrinking enlarged pores.

With this tightening mask that shrinks pores, lightens marks, lifts the entire face – including downturned lips, diminishes the appearance of wrinkles such as smile lines and tightens the jawline, making your face look smaller and more youthful. 

The new formula contains Coffee Pectin, a fat burning component, that reduces water retention. 

Natural Honey to boost moisture and radiance while speeding up your skin's healing process and fighting acne too. 

Tamarid Seed Extract that greatly improves your skin's elasticity and smoothness.

Sea Buckthorn as a source of Vitamin C, combating free radical damage 


Q1: How long can one tub last? One tub weighs 100g , it can typically last for 2 months with an average usage of 30-35 times.

Q2: Will my face return back to normal if i stop using? Likewise for any other beauty products, it requires maintenance. It will not rebound immediately once you stop using. However, twice a week is advisable to maintain your desired result.

Q3: How long to see effect? You could definitely see results in one week’s time, on a daily basis usage! However, it’s proven to see results in just 3 days time! Start looking beautiful effortlessly :)

Q4: Can i use if i’m pregnant/breastfeeding? Yes definitely! It does not consists of any harmful chemicals and works like a normal mask, so fret not!

Q5: Is it locally tested? Yes, we have certificated from SGS :)

Key ingredients:

Water, pectin, zea mays (corn) powder, tamarindus indica extract , collagen, honey, sea buckthorn, hippophae rhamnoides fruit extract, potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate.

 Suitable for all skin types 

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